Customer Story


I was as shocked and surprised to find myself engaged to my ex-husband as anyone reading this could be!

After the initial excitement we decided to start thinking about our wedding, and in turn our wedding rings.

I’d kept my old set. A solitaire, with a diamond inset wedding and matching eternity ring.  In the past I’d had them soldered together to stop the “turning” which was happening with the solitaire.

I wanted to mark our previous years together while also celebrating our renewed status.  I had a design in mind, so started searching for jewellery designers.  I visited three in total.

In some I’d been offered champagne and canapés…. and found that their price matched the illusions of grandeur they were attempting to portray with their refreshments!!!

When I visited Northern Star, I was greeted with a friendly, professional service.  Not “over the top”, but a service which still made me feel special.  They listened to my story and my idea for my new piece.  We worked very collaboratively… I felt totally understood and still in control. After an initial disappointment which was totally my fault (I guess I’m not a designer after all), we agreed on a perfect design for me.

Four weeks later and the ring was in my hands!! I can’t recommend the team at Northern Star highly enough, and I’m so glad I chose them to design and make my new wedding band! I smile whenever I see it!!!

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