Our Way

From the design and creation process through to building and maintaining lasting relationships with our customers, our jewellery is about you. 

Your input is our driving force and what makes the process unique, which is why we stand out from the rest.


We will source a selection of gemstones in keeping with your specific requirements and talk you through all your options regarding your design. Once you have selected the stones, we will begin to work together on designing your item of jewellery.


We will create a series of 3D computer generated images of your design. According to your specifications these can be fine-tuned and produced, allowing you to become involved in creating your individual and unique piece of jewellery.


The next stage is to grow a custom-made 3D wax model of your design, for you to try on. This is a process which leave no room for surprise or error. 

We use a ‘Lost Casting Process’ to cast your design. The 3D wax model is placed in a plaster cast which is put into a furnace. The wax melts out of the cast with the heat, leaving a void. The precious metal of your choice is melted and fired into the plaster cast within a vacuum chamber, which fills the void that the wax left behind. And behold, your item of jewellery is cast. 

The item of jewellery is finished at the bench. Finally, the stones (if any) are set. The finished jewellery is then sent to the Assay Office to be officially hallmarked.

Our service also includes a more personal option to design and create new jewellery from existing jewellery that you may own or have inherited. We can melt-down gold or re-use gemstones, therein keeping the sentiment of the item but updating the style to something you want to wear.

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